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hello stranger

thanks for stopping by.

i'm laura.
turn on, tune in, drop out.
sunset blvd. Pictures, Images and Photos
ucla Pictures, Images and Photos
a clockwork orange, alexander skarsgard, anarchy, anna paquin, anthony green, anti-theism, apathy, arrogance, arrogant pricks, art, baby pictures, batman, bats, benjamin gibbard, black and white film, bloc party, blogs, books, bravery, breaking promises, bret and jemaine, bright eyes, chadam, chaos, childish thoughts, coconut records, cold war kids, concerts, confusion, conor oberst, converse, death note, derwent, dinosaurs, disorder, downdowndown, economics, elephants, english, facebook, flight of the conchords, food, forgiving not forgetting, freaks and geeks, friedrich nietzsche, friends, fullmetal alchemist, fyodor dostoyevsky, generation kill, gloves, gogol bordello, guitars, heart of darkness, heath ledger, hellsing, hippopotamus, home, insanity, james franco, japan, jason schwartzman, joseph conrad, joy division, kele okereke, kurt cobain, kurtz, legos, lions, liverpool, london, love conversations, max bemis, middles of nowheres, monk, morrissey, movies, music, my chemical romance, my ipod, myspace, narcissism, never looking back, news, nikon d40 slr, oil pastels, onesies, peta, photographs, photography, psych, pumpkins, rabbits, realism, san francisco, say anything, see's lollypops, sfsu, short stories, ska, skinny jeans, sleeping, stephen chbosky, stephen moyer, sublime, sugar cookies, television, the smiths, the uk, tofurky, tom waits, trainspotting, travis, trigun, true blood, twix, upward bound, veggie burgers, warped tour, watercolors, william beckett, wordpress